I was born in St. Cloud, Minnesota, and graduated from Sartell High School. Growing up, I enjoyed hanging out with the elderly and climbing trees. When I was 18 I moved to London, England, my brain exploded, and I have been attempting to figure out the wide world ever since. My wide range of interests and love of history and art are combined in film, specifically production design and directing, both of which I love dearly.

Skills and Employment

I have experience with carpentry and building sets, I can sew, draw, paint, carve, sculpt, make jewelry, Iā€™m good with math, I can do hair and make up, I have a knowledge of period costumes, and I am a quick and eager learner so I can pick up whatever else is asked of me. I am also extremely organized (I love to color code things) and have great computer and phone skills so I can also excel on the administrative end of things. In film school I specialized in production design, which gave me a great deal of practice at being organized, creative, and efficient, and I am always looking to learn more!